A Future of Equality

Pansexual Pride Flag

I had a dream the other night.

In the future, the line between gays, lesbians, straights, and all in between is nonexistent. Relationships are based only on one factor. It doesn’t matter whether you be a male, a female, gay, or straight. All that matters is that you love them.

If you love the person, truly love them at a deep, emotional level, then you can be married. Another interesting part in this is the fact that multiple people can love each other in this way. This makes it normal for about three people to all be married to each other.

When I awoke from this dream, it made sense. Every bit of it. As I began to think about it, I analyzed every factor of this future society I envisioned.

First of all, I thought about the multiple partner factor in this. To me, this stood out as unusual. I have heard of polygamy before, but this was no sister wives situation. In this relationship I saw, the three people shared everything, and loved each other all equally and deeply. There could be a male and two females, two males and a female, all three females, or all three males. As long as they all loved each other, they could be legally married. When wed, the three, two, or more individuals would share money, children, and everything else equally.

This, even though strange, still made sense in my mind. There was no degrading of any one person or type of person. Everybody was equally loved.

Next, I thought about the gay/lesbian part of it. I am not ashamed to say that I am a huge supporter of LGBT rights. Since I was young, being straight or gay really didn’t seem to matter. I was raised this way, looking at all people equally as humans, and not to judge by skin color, sexual orientation, or any other factor that is unique to them. We all come from the same place. So, this part of the dream didn’t seem as strange to me as the first.

I genuinely believe that, in our future, the line between gay and straight will fade as much as the line between black and white has. That our children will have a difficult time believing that there was once a time when two men or two women could not marry, as much as I have a difficult time imagining a world where an African-American man could not use the same drinking fountain as a Caucasian.

Yet, there was something about the particular way it was presented in my vision that made it seem…different than what I usually thought of. Instead of the line being slightly faded, it was quite literally nonexistent. In this vision, not only was the line between gay and straight gone, but the line between men and women was vanished as well.

It did not matter what gender you were in this world. The term gay was not in use, but neither was straight or any of the other terms used to describe sexual orientation today. You were, simply put, only human. That was all. You were a person, just like everyone else, and there was no judgment. It was a future of complete equality.

Equal rights between men and women, gays and straights. Even equal division of everything in a marriage. Nothing was leaned more towards one side of the argument. It was a utopia.

Everything made sense, but I wanted to know more. Could this really happen? Was there such a thing today? I transferred from the use of my logical mind to the use of my iPhone. I began to research these aspects of my dream, and I found exactly what I was looking for.

The first thing I encountered was group marriage. Wikipedia stated this as being a marriage-like arrangement between more than two people. Exactly as in my dream, all people live under the same roof, and share finances and other responsibilities, such as kids. Today, this is not a legally recognized form of marriage in the US, and is very rare to find.

The second thing I encountered was something called pansexuality. This is an attraction or love toward people of all sexual orientation or biological sex. So, in other words, these individuals would be gender-blind. This in particular struck something in me. This was exactly what I had dreamt about. Before learning the terms or reading up on any of this material, I had suddenly combined two rare things into a normal aspect of life in a utopian future. Pansexual group marriages.

So, what exactly did this mean? None of these were relevant today. They exist, but they are not heard of often. Let’s say though that these things can come to be the norm in society. If there is no boundary between ethnicity, orientation, gender, and anything else, how will a world where some order is needed function?

In my dream, there was only one thing that mattered in society. Love. Love was the only factor preventing two, three, four, or more individuals from being wed. Love was the only thing that held relationships and desires together. There were no men, no women, no gays, no straight. There were no limits. All there was was love.

If two people loved each other, they can be wed. If they meet someone whom they both love as much as they love each other, they can also be wed. It doesn’t matter who you are on the outside, but it does matter who you are underneath.

To quote Kelly Chambers from Mass Effect, “Character is what matters, not race or gender.”

The whole scene, the whole world I dreamt, made sense. It made more sense to me than what the world is like now. Today, I read articles or hear people talk and shake my head in disgust.

I think, ‘How can they think like that? Can’t they see that everyone is the same?’ Hell, I even find myself shaking my head at some of my friends.

But this world, this made sense. Equality made sense. Not the enlarging of differences, but the analysis of character. To fade the line between everyone made sense.

I wish that I could go back to this world again and explore even more. I want to see how this future formed, how it functions, and what the solutions to other issues today were. What is their political system like? Is there religion? I guess that for now, all that I can do is close my eyes and hope I am taken back.

If I am, I promise I will tell you, and maybe we can make this dream of absolute equality a reality.


© Copyright Brendan Swogger 2013


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