How to Live Life

"Everything you know now will be gone. It's just one of those things we all need to accept. Your Father, your Mother. They will die eventually. Everyone does. Your sister and your brother will find their other half. They'll go off and live their lives, start a family. So we're left with you and your friends. Friends are the most easily lost, but most easily gained. Friends can come and go like a bird. They'll land, take a little nibble off the ground below, and look at you, cocking their head to the side. Eventually they'll flutter off and you won't see them again. What does stay in your life? Surely, not EVERYTHING is lost. Surely, you'll find a lover, you may even be married, have children, live together for years and years. But then what? The children grow old, they leave the house. And either the love of your life will leave you behind, or you will them, bowing behind the curtain and striding offstage before the start of the next show. 'Okay,' you tell yourself. 'But if everything is lost, what is there to live for?' 'The journey,' I say. Yes, life may go short lived, and the world around you may fall. But if you walk by a beautiful tree, abundant with color and secreting the smell of lovely blossoms, do you quicken your pace just because you will have to keep walking? If you find a book full of love and stories that feed the imagination, do you leave it in the dust simply because it has a final page? No, you stop and admire the beauty of the leaves. You take a deep breath, let the aroma envelope you. You dive into the words, savoring every page in a heartwarming frenzy, taking the time to adventure through the worlds presented between the covers. Just as this is, life shall be experienced the same way. Love what you know now. Treasure every moment in the journey through. Fall in love, make love. Get drunk, get high. Live wild, live free. Dance in the rain, dance like nobody's watching. Sing loud, sing proud. Party like you won't remember it in the morning. Drink with your eyes closed. Be daring, but know your limits. Dream like you'll live forever, live like you'll die tomorrow. Cherish your family, hold your friends close. Love with your lips, kiss with your eyes. Live life to the fullest, because when it's gone, there's no going back. When it's done and over, you want to say, 'It was worth it all in the end.'" - Anonymous

1 thought on “How to Live Life

  1. You are so wise Brendan. Life is a journey that takes you to high and sometimes low places but there is always something ahead. Nothing lasts forever but you always want to see what’s ahead. Great writing! Keep it up.

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