Light A Candle



On my other website, I tried to do something a little bit different and let the reader’s choose what the story is about. So far, it has worked out great! I had an idea for A Thousand Candles that might help it become a little more interactive for the reader’s of this site. So, I am bringing Reader’s Requests here, and giving it a new name. Light A Candle is an opportunity for you to express your concern of an issue that is affecting you or the world. Think of it as a sort of “Ask Brendan” advice column. In the comment box below, write your question or concern, remembering to keep everything anonymous. I will then write a post, providing my thoughts on the issue, and a possible solution to help you along the way. This way, I can spread the light from your candle and hopefully be able to help other’s stuck in the same place. I hope that this will benefit you and I both, and that we will be able to make the world a little better, light by light. Namaste.




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