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Two Bodies: My View on Love and What Defines It

Aristotle once said that love was one soul inhabiting two bodies. I believe this to be true. To put it in simple words, I believe in love. Some people say that they do as well, but they have put up a barrier that restricts it, unless it follows certain “guidelines”. When Aristotle said two bodies, he meant exactly that. Two humans. Nowhere does it say that the two have to be a man and a woman. If your true love, your soul mate, your other half, happened to be in the body of someone the same gender as you, would you pass it up just because of their look or being? I believe love cannot be defined by what is outside. You cannot define it simply through physical attraction. Love is defined underneath the skin and flesh. It is something that vibrates through the bones, and is felt in the beating of the heart. I am not saying I am gay. I am not saying that I am bi. I am not defined, and do not define, by gender or sexuality. I will only judge by character and content. When I meet the love of my life, my soul mate and other half, I will love them regardless of who they are on the outside. Woman, man, gay, straight. I refuse to use the labels. The only word I know is human. And that is enough.